Spack CVMFS central installation

ESCalate framework is installed on CVMFS and can be used directly on farms with spack

1. Source spack environemnt

Tcsh/csh users (default for ifarm)

source /cvmfs/


source /cvmfs/

2. Load escalate module

spack load escalate@1.1.0

It should be ready to work

3. Test run

which g4e

JLab IFarm

Singularity installation

There is no docker on IFarm, but one can use Singularity

[user@ifarm1801 ~]$ module load singularity
[user@ifarm1801 ~]$ singularity shell --cleanenv /group/eic/escalate/singularity-latest
Singularity> source /container/app/

And it is ready to go


1. Simple way to smear a file

smear /path/to/file.txt

Here are 2 more advanced examples files for fast and full simulation. Please run them in your work directory.

Fast simulation (eic-smear):

from pyjano.jana import Jana

      .plugin('eic_smear', detector='jleic')\
      .plugin('jana', nevents=20000, output='hepmc_sm.root')\

Full simulation:

from g4epy import Geant4Eic
g4e = Geant4Eic()\

Look at the docker or tutorials repo for more examples

Convenient work on IFarm from home

Since many of us experience COVID-19 related teleworking from home, here is a suggestion of a very convenient workflow - vscode + remote ssh.

It allows to work with remote ssh scripts and code (and have unlimited consoles) like they are on your home computer. Here is how it looks like:

How to set it up:

The trick with ifarm is that you first have to do proxy jump through To solve this automaticaly edit ssh settings which usually are located in ~/.ssh/config folder

(To do this vscode press F1 and type in remote ssh config)

Host jlogin
    User romanov
    Port 22

Host ifarm
    User romanov
    HostName ifarm
    Port 22
    ProxyJump jlogin

If on windows you have it is because windows installs old ssh. Fix is to add one more line to the config

ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p ifarm

Now you can also connect to ifarm like ssh ifarm and use it in vscode.

CONCERNED with MISCROSOFT word? Use vscodium. vscodium relates to vscode the same way as Chromium browser relates to Google Chrome