Escalate framework image added to Jefferson Lab Jupyter Hub! It is still in beta stage, several features are not yet working (and we are working on them). Someting works differently compared to when you run the image in docker. This page describe this.

Go to jupyterhub.jlab.org (follow authentication instructions if you are using it for the first time)

In the Spawner options -> Select a notebook image, set eic-notebook (dev) there



You should end up in your jefferson lab home directory.

Differences with running in docker

When you run in docker you start as eicuser with user-ID=1000. On JupyterHUB you run in your JLab home directory with your CUE user (and your CUE user-ID). This implies that:

  1. Your JLab home dir .bashrc is being called instead of one in docker. If you set custom python version or compiler in your .bashrc it will interfere with what is used in docker (will not work most of the time).

  2. Since you start in your CUE home dir, you don’t have the examples and tutorials. Just clone them to your JLab home dir: bash     git lfs clone https://gitlab.com/eic/escalate/workspace.git   # 'lfs' is to pull data files!

  3. All docker contents are readonly. One can’t run sudo to elevate privilegies and change something in the container. Which means that you can’t change eJana or G4E inside the docker, but you can install them in your home directory and setup ejpm to use them.

What is not working

  1. Inspecting root files by ckicking on them. Solution - use uproot to explore the files.